During the implementation of each project is in contact with the customer, is kept close in order to verify compliance with the timetable and procedures agreed upon and, if necessary, by providing timely amended.

Economic consultancy

  • Projects of investment;
  • Business plan;
  • Verify the conditions of sustainability of investment projects;
  • Market research, product analysis, support in penetrating
  • Inserting the Client on system-network services products to optimize the system purchase / sale.

Legal domain

These ensure our customers the correct information and interpretation of laws in the country of reference with the option and then apply that knowledge in collaboration of legal and contractual innovative and always to vanguard for:

  •   Establishment of legal structures  in order to optimize the fiscal and economic offerings from internationalization;
  • Processing constituent acts, statutes;
  • Amending acts of incorporation with drafting and filing documents to the Registry Companies in the country of reference;
  • Legal acts of support and advice to the customer;
  • Support in processing of contracts and legal transactions.

Financial Consulting:

We help the Clients to identify and use the correct resources to develop their investment projects. The main sources that the experts will address the group in the analysis for the establishment of the financing portfolio for the client are:


  • Development of the Structural Funds (European and national)
  • Functional Funds (grants)
  • Support Fund (state aid)
  • Funds for training (training and retraining)


  • Bank loans
  • Leasing

Fiscal consulting

Tax planning is one of the most important activities of a company for non production costs, for unbalanced cash flow or to administrative costs that you have, and last but not least, receive undue punishment for bad during inspections conducted by regulatory bodies.

For this reason, the client provides a range of services. In this philosophy agree support services:

  • Others accounting and obligations inherent;
  • Problems of tax procedures;
  • Administrative and legal remedies against acts of tax administration and public service;
  • Representation in court with tax bodies, even if inspections or controls;
  • Economic and financial analysis, reporting, management accounting, formulation budget forecasting, forecasting.

Training Company OFF-SHORE:

One of the most skilled and specialized features, which makes it possible to build companies with very sophisticated solutions in any jurisdiction having as common denominator:

a.  Taxes

b.   Management Trust

c.  Banking Secrecy

The Client is so to be sure of obtaining effective solutions, safe, and extremely short timetable for establishing practices in the conduct of legal, tax, needed to start the society activities.